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Why can't I just do it....

How many times a day do I think 'I need to take that tablet' or 'I need to call the council about that bill' . There are a hundred things I need to do, be fitter, eat better, get more sleep, all these things that whirl around my already scrambled brain. I know that these things are really important and NEED to be done but I just can't seem to prioritise and actually commit to beginning any of them.

Battling the daily grind of life and literally firefighting my way through a day, its easy to forget to take time out for myself, look after my mental well being and actually be the person I want to be , not the person I have become.

I feel I don't smile enough, I get caught up in the seriousness of work and looking after others and forget to laugh and be a little lighter, see the funny side of things and just 'go with it'.

Its time for change.... a commitment to myself and those around me to live a better life, live longer, healthier and happier!

Now for the real stuff, this is me...

A 52 year old body living with a 30 something mind, currently going through a divorce with a non communicative ex, an 8 year old daughter with low spectrum Autism and a 19 year old daughter who comes out with the most ridiculous and hilarious comments known to man (more laughing at than with!). I mean I'm quite the catch! luckily for me I have a handsome Firefighter who is saving me daily.

Time for change, I am going to embark on trying new things to improve my health and well being.... want to join me? I mean, ya know.. if I ever get around to starting any of them!



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Ready for some challenges?

Ice baths to vitamins, ways to declutter your home and mind, the list is endless.

To be honest, really what I'm saying is, I can try them out and tell you what's great and not so great to save you the bother.

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