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Meet the fool
behind the posts

Im a bit of a shambles really, I've brought up nine step children from various disasterous past relationships, loved the kids though and hope I have given them some of my life changing insights (small snigger)

Sadly not able to have my own children I happily adopted my youngest and have a wonderful relationship with my 19 year old, whom I brought up from 8 years old.

Im definitely ADHD, this explains ALOT about my inability to prioritise and begin tasks, follow things through and generally live a calm and structured existence!

That being said, I run two very successful businesses, have a beautiful Fire Fighter as a partner and am genuinely happy for the first time in like forever.

To be honest and let's take the ice baths as an example, I'm not actually about to try this myself, I mean, come on... the Firefighter is all over that. If its good enough for Chris Hemsworth, its good enough for us!

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